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Do you want to find Koi for sale in the South Florida area? We can help you locate a Koi dealer near you. During the Koi season we have major dealers, with a lot of experience, who can help you select the best Koi fish for your pond. If we can’t find a Koi for sale at a dealer, in your area of South Florida, you can order Koi directly from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms and we will ship the Koi Fish of your choice right to your door. Not sure what to get? You can choose Koi for sale right from one of our many Koi stocking packages or pick out the type of Koi fish you are looking for from our “Pick your Mix”.  We have lots of high quality Standard fin Koi and Butterfly Koi also known as Long Fin Koi.

Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc. offers the best Koi for sale, online in the south Florida area. We grow the best quality Koi fish, Butterfly Koi or Longfin Koi all originally bred from champion Japanese Koi stocks! When buying Koi produced at one of our three, Bio Secure, Koi farms you will receive healthy American bred and raised Koi Fish. We ship year round, in the most popular sizes and varieties for your Koi pond. We also breed some amazing Specialty Goldfish.

We are sure you will love our Koi and Specialty Goldfish that we feature in our online store. Check out our Fish Koi store and our Specialty Goldfish store. The selection of fish from our Koi farms will be sure to satisfy whatever you may be looking for. We look forward to serving you. Browse around our main web site to find that perfect Koi fish photo for that Koi Tattoo you want to get… Our web site is packed with lots of information about Koi, Koi meaning and the history of Koi.

Have a question about our Koi for sale or our Goldfish for sale, want some free expert  help selecting the perfect fish or answer a Koi, Goldfish or  Koi pond question? Now, that help is just a few clicks away!

Check out the"Live Chat" feature in our online Koi Store. It lets you chat with one of our Koi Experts in real time or leave a message.

Not only do we grow the best Koi Fish and Specialty Goldfish around we formulate and manufacture a complete variety of  Koi Foods. To learn more about our complete line of Koi Food for sale click here.


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